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Digital Services

Digital Audio Workstations

  • Complete post production capabilities

  • Digital recording and non-destructive, non-linear editing

  • Automated mixing and extensive digital signal processing

  • Mastering and compression for all media including compact disc, multi-media and internet applications


Digital Audio Restoration

  • Removal of pops, clicks, hiss, hum and broadband noise

  • Sweetening and re-mastering 

  • All analog, digital, magnetic and optical formats 


Transfer and Archival

  • 16/35 mag dubbers,1 to 6 tracks

  • 16mm and 35mm optical sound track playback and recording including stereo Westrex with Nuoptix electronics.

  • Audio reel to reel formats including ¼", ½", 1", and 2"

  • Dolby A, Dolby SR and DBX Type 1 noise reduction

  • De-essers, filters, equalizers, and  compressor/limiters for corrective re-recording

  • Synchronization resolvers including Neopilot, FM Pilot, Center Track Time Code, Fairchild, Rangertone, and Ryder Sync.

  • Digital tape formats include R-DAT, A-DAT, DA-88, and DASH



  • Audio cassettes utilizing state of the art digital mastering, digital bin loop and Dolby

  • HX-PRO equipped recording slaves.

  • Special format audio cassette duplication adherent to the standards of the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.


Narration Recording

  • Non-synchronous or synced to film or video picture



  • Digital or Analog layback to all NTSC or PAL Formats

  • Adams-Smith Super Controller with vari-speed and cross-lock synchronization of analog and digital formats for sync correction